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NEW RELEASES by Fabio Napoleoni available now at Art Center Gallery

NEW RELEASES by Fabio Napoleoni available now at 


It Gets Me Higher (On canvas) 

“I created this piece with the sole purpose to capture how I feel when I listen to music. Music has at times captured my thoughts to the point that my brush dries while I’m drifting away in memories. We can all instantly recall a person, place or time in our lives simply from the first few notes of a song.” ~ Fabio Napoleoni

AP: edition of 52 (14"x28") SRP $825 includes a Doodle on back with Gel Embellishments on the image.

SN: edition of 156 (12"x24") SRP $495


Hawaiian Set (Includes two 11x14 prints) 

Somewhere Over My Rainbow” & “Relax and Unwind

These two images were released individually very early in my career (2010 & 2013). Both exclusively to the galleries that displayed my work in Hawaii. January 2020 celebrates 10 years since "Relax and Unwind" was originally released as a Limited Edition print. Over the last 5 years I have been asked numerous times if I planned to re release these images, well here we are but this time around as a set.” ~ Fabio Napoleoni 

Paper size of 11" x 14" each image

Matching numbers with only one COA

AP: edition of 52 (SRP $425)  Original doodle drawn on each set   

SN: edition of 156 (SRP $295) printed Remarque


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Jokers Wild, King of Hearts, Queen of Broken Hearts, art by Fabio Napoleoni

Jokers WildKing of HeartsQueen of Broken Hearts

Art by Fabio Napoleoni. Do you have all 3 in this collection? 

What Fabio says about these pieces:

I could not think of a better character to fill the position of the joker. Mr. Bunny Boozehound is my party animal and wise cracking character who can often be found in odd situations sporting a cocktail…  

What's a king without a queen? Painting this piece was much easier than deciding the proper title since each title I came up with had such a different meaning from the others. "Queen of Broken Hearts" appealed to me the most.  The idea that we all know a woman who has mended damaged hearts and always cared for others more than herself.  I created this piece to stand on it's own, but I'm sure it would pair up perfectly with the "King of Hearts".

Be sure to visit us online or in store, we specialize in custom framing for all your art and memorabilia.



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Fabio Napoleoni and Gabe Leonard together at Art Center Gallery

Friday February 8, 2019

Special thanks to artist Fabio Napoleoni for another amazing art show at Art Center Gallery in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. We also had a special guest appearance at the show - artist Gabe Leonard stopped by to celebrate with us! What fun to see these two world famous artists together. We appreciate everyone who came to support Fabio’s work and Art Center Gallery. Fabio comes to the gallery annually every February. He will be coming back this summer for a special summer show 2019. Stay tuned for details! 

Be sure to check out his original unique characters at where you will see much of his most recognized rag doll character, Marcenivo, who is the emotional avenue that connects us all. Life’s hardships and experiences can be seen in his torn stitching and missing button eye. Fabio’s work evokes strong emotions portrayed by all of his characters. 


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LOVE! is in the air ... Who has CAPTIVATED your heart this Valentine's Day?!

LOVE is in the air! He loves me, He loves me not… Who has captivated your heart?  These flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift-  they will live forever! “Captivated” by Fabio Napoleoni 24”x30” paper on wood panel. Meet Fabio in person at the biggest show of the year this Friday Feb. 8 at Art Center Gallery in Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. Call us today to reserve your art to get personalized, signed, and framed at the show! 


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FREE PINS this Friday at Art Center Gallery & Meet Fabio Napoleoni artist in person at the biggest art show this year Feb. 8, 2019

THIS FRIDAY Beginning at 1pm - come in and get your number to meet Fabio Napoleoni AND get your FREE pin with new purchases this Friday (while supplies last).  

Collect ALL the pins! Have you met all the characters? How many pins do you have in your collection? Get ready to meet Fabio Napoleoni and all of his unique original characters at Art Center Gallery February 8, 2019 in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. Please join us 5-9pm to meet Fabio in person and have your new 2019 artwork hand signed and dedicated. 

Be sure to check out all of the fantastic art work including each of these characters: Marcenivo, Jimmy, Dork, Lucky, Stretch, Blu, Marissa, Peter, Telly, Vic, ToxicLove, LeeOh, TheKid, Marlon, MrBunnyBoozehound, and Remy. 

This special appearance is something you don’t want to miss. Unique new works of art will be on display now through February so be sure to come by and see what’s in store in time for Valentine’s Day! 

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“Adult Education” … Class dismissed! By Fabio Napoleoni NEW ORIGINAL Artwork

“Adult Education” … Class dismissed! Happy Friday! Who’s ready to start the weekend??! Let’s start the weekend NOW with this awesome new Fabio Napoleoni ORIGINAL!  Don’t miss the biggest show of the year next Friday Feb. 8.  Call us today to reserve your art to get personalized, signed, and framed at the show! TGIF 

What the heart wants and the heart needs can be found in a Fabio Napoleoni painting. Nostalgia, sorrow and moments that lift the soul are all there for the world to see and experience along with him. The vivid colors and captivating characters invite you into an emotional ride that is welcomed by the mind and the heart. Simple landscapes set the stage to the value of emotional attachment that can be compared to no other. Influences from some of this century's greatest artists are hard to find in his pieces, but are drenched deep in the fabric of what puts a Napoleoni painting together. 


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Fabio Napoleoni NEW Releases & Show Friday Feb. 8, 2019

Art Center Gallery presents 2 NEW Releases by Fabio Napoleoni!
Be sure to pre-order now to be signed and personalized by Fabio IN PERSON at our show next Friday February 8th! 

Size 18” x 32” paper
SN Edition of 75: $545
AP Edition of 25: $695

“Rebel” (Outcast 3) 
Size 22” x 27” paper
SN Edition of 225: $425
AP Edition of 52: $575

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Fabio Napoleoni

Fabio Napoleoni

ArtCenterGallery✨NEW RELEASE✨ “The Jokers Wild" Paper size 21x27, Ap: 60,  Sn: 150. Call today to order!  Fabio Napoleoni

... “I could not think of a better character to fill the position of the joker. Mr. Bunny Boozehound is my party animal and wise cracking character who can often be found in odd situations sporting a cocktail.” - Fabio Napoleoni 

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Fabio Napoleoni has a New Character on the block called Darwin (aka Big Foot)

Fabio Napoleoni has a New Character on the block called Darwin (aka Big Foot)

            " Nearly 8 years ago I created the Yeti under a pen name. For years I worked on developing him into the version you see today.  The yeti has appeared on only a small handful of canvas and paper originals over the last 3 years.  This will be his debut as a limited edition print.  I introduce you to, Darwin". - Fabio Napoleoni 


            Well here is the first sighting and clear vivid pictures of the illusive animal known as various names. Yeti, Sasqactch, Big foot to name but a few of the various names around the world.  

        Fabio  has taken this folk lure animal and has named it after Charles Darwin , which of course is perfect because of the theory of evolution. And makes this lovable version of Fabio's Imagination, a Yeti with heart.  And this Yeti has only one mission in the creators life.

       Fabio's mission thru his work is to  give love , compassion and kindness to all thru his art with heart. With his expression and creation of his various characters. 

       All here at Art Center Gallery are always excited  with new characters and various other endeavors of Fabio's created characters. You can order this piece just by clicking here on Art Center Gallery.


Thank you Art Center Gallery.


Here is a video , Enjoy ! Art Center Gallery the largest inventory in the world of Fabio's work.



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