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Gabe Leonard Art Show Friday January 10, 2020 Orange County CA

Join us this Friday at the the gallery to meet Gabe Leonard and watch as he paints live - come in for your chance to win a personalized portrait of yourself done on the spot by Gabe! See all of his amazing work on display now... you don't want to miss this special event. 





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Gabe Leonard Book Launch Release Party at Art Center Gallery

Please join us for a special event with artist Gabe Leonard Saturday December 14, 2019. He will be launching his new set of 5 beautiful art books right here in our gallery in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. Be sure to reserve your set in advance to be personalized at the party.

 Happy Holidays! 










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Gabe Leonard Art Book Collection 12"x12" Hardcover Books

Gabe Leonard Art Book Collection

Introducing the collection of five Gabe Leonard 12” x 12” hard cover art books, each of the five beautiful books contains anywhere between forty-four and sixty-four full-color pages. His Oil Paintings are presented in this high-quality art book series, chronicling over ten years of cinematic artistry.

Outlaws, Musicians and Drunken Poets - Book
1st book in the Gabe Leonard Art Book collection

The first Hardcover Art Book in the collection includes selected works from Gabe's groundbreaking Oil Painting series "Outlaws, Musicians, and Drunken Poets.”  

Power, Love and Success - Book
2nd book in the Gabe Leonard Art Book collection  
The second Hardcover Art Book in the collection includes selected works from Gabe's groundbreaking Oil Painting series "POWER, LOVE, & SUCCESS,” boasting over forty-four full-color pages.  
LUCK - Book
3rd book in Gabe Leonard Art Book collection 

The third Hardcover Art Book features work from Gabe's third series entitled "LUCK.” This series of paintings delves into the ideas of what LUCK is through the unwritten stories of five main characters. Use the clues to put the story together and see how everyone is connected! 
Desperados - Book
4th book in Gabe Leonard Art Books collection


In 2014 Gabe went back to the Outlaw themes with "Desperados" - a journey we all take on our own, searching through the chaos of life and coming out on the other side with both feet on the ground, and on the right side of the dirt. 
NOIR - Book
5th book in Gabe Leonard Art Books collection  
Inspired by a favorite Johny Cash song, "God's Gonna Cut You Down,” Gabe depicts the characters from the lyrics in the visual world of "NOIR.” 

"Go tell that long tongue liar,
 Go and tell that midnight rider,
 Tell the rambler
 The gambler
 The back biter,
 Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down,
 Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down..."

Gabe with his Original Oil Painting, "Let It Roll Out", Featured on the NOIR Book Cover

About Gabe Leonard:
In Gabe's own words, "I grew up in Linch, a small oil field town in the middle of nowhere, in the center of Wyoming. Linch was home to about 15 families who mostly lived in trailer homes. No grocery store, no stop signs, no police, no firemen, no church, no high school. The roads weren't paved, the streets weren't named, and I wasn't allowed to go past the cattle guard."  

"It was my ability to draw that broke the social ice for me. Specifically, my ability to draw big foot trucks going through the mud. That caught the attention of some of the other kids who then started asking me to draw trucks for them. That's how I started to fit in and make friends."

Gabe describes his 'Venice Beach' days, "May 29th, 1999 was the first time I almost got into a fist fight over space. Jewelry makers and psychics will get in your face, they were very territorial, and they will gang up on you. There was a homeless guy that would get there early to make a sand mermaid and yell obscenities at everyone all day long. There was a guy balancing a stove on his chin. I was setting up across from a parking lot where I could sleep in my car overnight staking out my place."

"I find ideas and inspiration everywhere. Music, movies, friends, family, places I’ve been, philosophers, scientists, artists, film makers. I draw upon all these things, using friends as models, dressed up in costume and props for references. There’s a certain challenge in painting people who don’t look like they’re posing for a painting. Capturing body language and emotion in a figure is fun and is another requirement in the process of learning to see. Combined with the fractal nature of runs and drips, I exaggerate and distort space and forms in my paintings."

"I’m learning how to see the world around me. I prefer to express my findings with oil painting on canvas. Although most of my work is figurative, I approach all my work as though they’re landscapes. Understanding how light, space, forms and patterns are perceived apply equally to painting a person as the landscape they’re in. There’s no end in learning how to paint, and that’s what keeps me doing it." 

Gabe Leonard's paintings take you into a world rich with inimitable atmosphere and narrative intrigue. His work captures rich moods by combining the free brushwork of an expressive artist combined with the lighting and framing of a seasoned Hollywood cinematographer. Drawn to rugged and romantic film noir characters, Leonard merges technically brilliant figurative painting with a finely crafted cinematic atmosphere, creating snapshot moments full of narrative possibilities. 

Be sure to visit our store in person or online for more information and to purchase Gabe’s works.

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Fabio Napoleoni and Gabe Leonard together at Art Center Gallery

Friday February 8, 2019

Special thanks to artist Fabio Napoleoni for another amazing art show at Art Center Gallery in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. We also had a special guest appearance at the show - artist Gabe Leonard stopped by to celebrate with us! What fun to see these two world famous artists together. We appreciate everyone who came to support Fabio’s work and Art Center Gallery. Fabio comes to the gallery annually every February. He will be coming back this summer for a special summer show 2019. Stay tuned for details! 

Be sure to check out his original unique characters at where you will see much of his most recognized rag doll character, Marcenivo, who is the emotional avenue that connects us all. Life’s hardships and experiences can be seen in his torn stitching and missing button eye. Fabio’s work evokes strong emotions portrayed by all of his characters. 


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Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard visit Art Center Gallery

Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard visit Art Center Gallery

Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard visit Art Center Gallery together! 

On Saturday December 15, 2018 Art Center Gallery had the privilege of hosting both Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard together at a unique Art Show.  

Chet is known for his dark art and stranger things including monsters, special effects, digital animation, and dark imagery. His work includes unique paintings, sculptures and more. The original characters Chet creates seem like creatures from another dimension. Much of his creative work evokes feelings of fear, loneliness, insecurity, and vulnerability. 

Gabe Leonard, the Cinematic Artist from Los Angeles, is known for creating rich modes of expressive art. He is a seasoned figurative painter creating images full of narrative possibilities. His trademark paint runs and drips in his work allow artistic expression and break free from the traditional norm. You can find heroes in his collection such as Rembrandt, Alphonse, Mucha, Gustav Kilmt and Egon Schiele.




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Gabe Leonard In Person December 8th 1-4pm 2018

Gabe Leonard In Person December 8th 1-4pm 2018

Artist Gabe Leonard will be appearing at Art Center Gallery on Saturday December 8, 2018 from 1-4pm. New oil paintings will be on display and available for purchase from his new Mobster series, as well as many works from his Outlaw series. You won't want to miss seeing Gabe paint live at the gallery. His cinematic paintings take you into a world rich with inimitable atmosphere and narrative intrigue. Get a sneak peek of some of his current works at
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Gabe Leonard Art & Artist

Gabe Leonard Art & Artist

Gabe Leonard is the Artist to the Stars , with his Iconic Westerns ,Noir series and Gangster series. Gabe uses raw emotion and motion within his work that surpasses the normal artist and makes Gabes work have great feel. It is poetry really.
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