Fabio Napoleoni " The Retrospective- Volume 1 Book- First 500 limited & include a rare Print.

Fabio Napoleoni

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"F. Napoleoni - The Retrospective - Volume 1" - This very personal volume includes early sketch book material, showcasing the development of Fabio's style and his early drawings of Marcenivo. Full color reproductions of rare archive paintings, up to and including all of Fabio's best known characters, will be treasured by all who know him and those who will come to know him through this long overdue career perspective.
The FIRST 500 ONLY will be numbered and include a rare print only available with the purchase of this book.  (See attachment)  
MSRP - $275
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Delivers October 2017
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The Art of F. Napoleoni - Retrospective Volume 1


F. Napoleoni - The Art of...

Retrospective Volume 1 - Preorder

Available for the first time in one collection, the art of Fabio Napoleoni features work from his early years up to and including many of his most recent works.  This volume includes rare, never before shared drawings pulled from early sketchbooks and showcases some of the first canvases Fabio ever painted.  Discover the evolution of Fabio's most famous character, Marcenivo, from rough sketch pencil drawings to the icon he has become today.  Each work has been carefully selected and faithfully reproduced to allow you to experience Fabio's growth as an artist.  With insightful interviews and personal photos this limited edition volume will be a treasured addition to any art collectors library.

Produced in a Limited Quantity Edition, expertly bound and slip cased this volume will also include a rare print of a Fabio original which can only be obtained when you purchase this edition.

"It was some the most evocative art I've ever seen." Holly Adams - Former Director of Stanford Publishing Courses - Stanford University.  

12 X 15 ½ inches – Fabric cover – Slip Cased and including a rare color print this book is available now for PRESALE (Design may vary in final release).



Fabio Napoleoni

What the heart wants the heart needs is discover in a Fabio Napoleoni paintings. Vintage elements, with sorrow and moments that uplift the soul are all there for all to see and experience along with him. The splendid colors and engaging characters invite you into and emotional ride of feelings that is welcomed by your mind and your heart. Simple pieces set the stage to the value of emotional feelings that can not be compared to another. Influences from some of the greatest artists are difficult to find in his pieces, but are enriched deeply into the core of what puts a Napoleoni painting together.

It started in Ponce, Puerto Rico 1972...Every child spends time playing outside, but this was not an possible for Fabio. From birth the Fabio suffered from asthma so terrible that several times a week he needed allergy shots to prevent severe asthma from consuming him. Many days and weeks spent on the family sofa surrounded by art supplies given to him by his mother. An artist herself, she realized that creating art came much easier to her son than it did to her. So, during the times that asthma attacked him, she felt and urge to supply his creative side with all the tools needed to flourish and grow as an artist.

A lot of  events shaped Fabio's artwork but none more than the inspiring events that followed the birth of his child. His daughter, born with heart abnormalities, she faced several surgeries to repair issues that could have prevent her from a future. Frustrated with his daughters issues and surrounded by feelings of a  sea of sorrow from other parents in the same situation, Fabio grew. When his wife and daughter slept, Fabio walked the Hospital corridors of the children's care unit looking for where he could sketch out his personal feelings and inspiration. From these thoughts a new forms of creativity was born within the artists works. The doors to Fabio Napoleoni's heart opened to express in art works for the world to experience.

It took a dramatic experience for Fabio to realize what he was lacking in his work, and it was emotion and feeling. He had all the elements to create great art but none that inspired the soul. With his new realization and older sketches in hand Fabio added the last ingredient of inspiration and feelings needed...Emotional Experience born of Life's twists and turns.

With a vibrant and bold use of colors along with many of his characters, Fabio has had  created  emotional value to his art that had been there previously. His paintings would have many titles, and every one would fit the image created; but one thing is for certain, you will always find a beautiful heart and emotions in every piece of his work. A symbol of his love for his daughter...she lives now and will forever in his art now as well... Come and experience the heart and soul of Fabio Napoleoni !

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