Jason & Gary Becker Art

"Soul of the Soul" 18" x 36" Edition of 99

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee




It is a painting of the logo I designed in 1996 for my son, Jason Becker.

The title conveys the layers of meaning in the image.

The Soul is the deepest part of our self.
This guitar is Jason's Soul.
But it has an even deeper Soul.

The Heaven and Hell of world success and ALS
that Jason has lived through at so young an age
is reflected in the beauty and turbulence of the lines and color.
There is an eye in the hand that is playing the guitar.
Jason sees the world through his guitar
and his guitar sees Jason through his hands.
The guitar too has gone through its Heavens and Hells.

A guitar is made of wood.
Once upon a time it was a tiny happy green sprout
drinking water and eating sunlight.
It grew into a beautiful tree,
then someone chopped it down with a blade.
Good bye beauty.
It was shipped to a factory and sawed into planks.
But salvation, a guitar maker carved those planks
into a thing of great beauty and wonderful sound.

You can see the memory of Tree in the neck of the guitar painting.
A blue river runs through it and curves into the shapes
of Jason's fingers playing his songs.
The neck has sprouted leaves
in honor of its new life
as Jason's guitar
that beats with the sound of his heart.

-Gary Becker, 2014

Gary Becker's son Jason joined David Lee Roth's band (following Steve Vai and Edward Van Halen) in 1989. A week later, Jason was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He completed one gold record with Roth and had to quit the band as his paralysis increased. Jason has 6 solo albums to his credit, and is world-famous for his innovative pyrotechnics in his band "Cacophony" (with Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman).

Gary says, "When Jason told me of his disease I promised him I would never let him go through this alone or in an institution. I resigned from my job to be Jason's full-time caregiver. I assist him in all his medical and musical needs and projects, including his album, "Perspective", which he composed, recorded, and released while battling ALS."

Though Jason is on life support systems and is completely paralyzed now, he continues to compose deep, emotional work using only eye movements. Since 1989, Gary has spent his days with Jason, going from heartache to witnessing miracles. He has never stopped drawing, painting, and writing poetry. He says, "My art has helped to keep me stable and centered and focused on what is really important in life." Sales of his art help with some of Jason's medical bills.

Art Center Gallery has the Gallery Exclusive with Jason and Gary Becker Art for Team Becker in Gallery.

Please look at the art carefully and consider supporting Gary and Jason. Art Center Gallery is the first gallery to offer Becker's art. We exclusively carry all the canvas giclées, which are signed and numbered to 99 only. This is the SN Edition. Each canvas giclée includes an original Jason Becker thumb print/signature, and Gary signs his name.

We also have the paper giclées that are all open edition, and signed by both Gary and Jason. If you have a question we are also handling original pieces of Gary's and new pieces as they become available. He has only limited time to paint because much of his time is spent caring for Jason, and helping his son share his music with the world. Their story is detailed in the documentary "Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet."

We at Art Center Gallery are moved by Gary and Jason's drive to continue to create despite the many challenges they have faced together. Jason's 260k+ Facebook fans consider him a deep source of inspiration. We are eager for you to learn about Gary and Jason, and to see the artwork that draws from every facet of their fascinating lives.


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