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This are all originals , at incredible prices these are not reproductions. They are all drawn by hand. Some are pencil, some pen and ink and pencil , some are computer originals drawn by hand on computer and colorized. Prepared to be amazed. We will have many of your favorite cartoon characters with the accent of Jed's Imagination. 


Professional artist, designer and singer based in Southern California and works Worldwide.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many leading brands, popular licensed properties, high profile art projects and fellow entertainment artists in the industry.  Providing works such as, conceptual art, custom illustrations, merchandise design, exotic car wrap designs, logos and branding. 

I am dedicated to my craft and always strives for perfection with each new challenge he takes on. I am described by my clients as having a keen eye for detail and a flawless approach to art. 

When not dabbling in entertainment art, you can find me singing professionally, collecting high end pop culture toys and statues, getting tattoos, active in rabbit rescues, traveling the world and living life in the fast lane with fast cars.