Bone Daddy

"Tongue Twisted"

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee


Innocent, alternative and macabre are just a few words to describe the voyeuristic work of Bone Daddy. To him, it’s about the story; that fraction of time in which a suggestive gesture goes from a smile and a simple flirtatious motion to a more proactive advance on sex and lust… it’s the spirit of Bone Daddy.

As a kid, he was no different than any other hormone-filled boy. The sight of beautiful women always played a dominant role when it came to his inspiration; that and the macabre world of the undead. He couldn’t help it; his father was a bone doctor and as a kid he would frequently gather bone relics that his father had in boxes from him college days and through a dab of glue here and there he would create, believe it or not, sexy sculptures. And when he was done with these sculptures he would draw them from different angles. Quite often his drawings would resemble beautiful figures and, for some reason, spiders.

His thrill of the macabre and “bones” wasn’t sick; it was, like any other artist, just something that excited him and inspired his creativity. While other renowned artists felt inclined to paint landscapes or the next drab beach scene he was busy making body landscapes out of bones. It was through his love for bones that he found himself more inspired by the reality of them. These were REAL bones and they were once a part of someone. This reality has brought to life many other REAL moments captured in his canvas work. To Bone Daddy, love and lust are primitive and real emotions that people feel and when they act on those emotions – honestly – that’s when a moment is captured. The thrill of the moment he would finish a bone sculpture was equal to the thrill of a woman’s body language when she goes for what she wants.

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