Drew Brophy Art "JACO PASTORIUS BASS OF DOOM" S/N Limited edt Canvas 20" x 30" Edition of 100

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    Drew Brophy Art "JACO PASTORIUS BASS OF DOOM" S/N Limited edt Canvas 20" x 30" Edition of 100

    JACO PASTORIUS BASS OF DOOM Limited, Numbered and Signed:  Fine Art Canvas Print is sized 20" x 30" and shipped ready to hang, unframed and signed by Drew himself.  Our fine art Canvas prints are of the highest quality, so much so that you're friends will ask if it's an original painting!


    The original painting was a commissioned art piece for Robert Trujillo (of Metallica), gifted to him from a business associate. It now graces his private art collection.

    Our Fine Art Canvas Prints are the best quality reproductions available.  They are carefully printed on fine Canvas, then stretched and shipped ready to hang.  Each one is personally signed and numbered by Drew.

    JACO PASTORIUS is said to be the World's Greatest Bass Player.  He died an untimely death, but his influence lives on in the music world.  This painting is a tribute to Jaco and his famed "bass of doom".  Robert Trujillo, bass player for Metallica, has made a documentary about Jaco's life titled JACO; THE FILM.  It's a fascinating insight into the life of a highly gifted artist.



    Drew Brophy is the best known surf artist in history. He has been a professional artist for over twenty five years. His art has a powerful, distinctive style that is recognized worldwide. When asked what he does for a living, Drew will say “It’s my job to make things look cool!” Drew's art career first took off when, as a young surfer, he started painting his edgy art onto surfboards. He became known worldwide for painting surfboards using the new techniques that he developed with waterbased paint pens He eventually became known as the most influential surf artist in history, literally changing the way that surfboards were painted. Now, surfers all over are using Drew’s painting techniques to decorate their boards. Collectors of Drew’s original paintings include Google Irvine, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi, Eddie Vedder, Hard Rock Casino and Billabong. Drew has created thousands of paintings. Many of them are licensed to add vibrant life to items such as surfboards, clothing, skateboards and so much more. Having the freedom to experiment with many different surfaces and products allowed Drew to grow tremendously as an artist.


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