Jason & Gary Becker Art

"Sail Away" 24.5" x 18" Edition of 99

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee


Art center Gallery is Proud to represent Gary and Jason various art works within the gallery and in our online Gallery store here as well.. These  Canvas Giclee are signed by Gary Becker, and thumb printed by Jason Becker with signature (Gary Becker signs for Jason). 



This painting features Jason and Ehren's childhood dog Cody.


Many an adventure

began as a daydream,

or some wistful notion

while you strummed your guitar,

or wandered through the words

of an old book

with etchings of faraway places.

Maybe you chiseled a model of the boat

from your fantasy

to give it a touch of reality.


Then one day

when your wife was a few months

pregnant and anxious

to mother a real baby,

you surprised her with a puppy

under your jacket

and named her Cody.

Her dog would always be six months

older than your son.

The puppy grew up at your side over the years

while you sketched your plans.

She got old

and before you were ready to launch your ship,

her sweet Soul

sailed into the deep black night.


Some do make it out to sea.

Some don't get beyond

the birdbath in the back yard.

But eventually

you fill every page of your book,

you play every note of your song,

and your marbles

turn to tear drops

on your work bench.


You come to realize

it wasn't a sea story after all.

It was the tale of a little dog

who loved you.

-Gary Becker



"My life took an unexpected turn in 1989. My oldest son, Jason Becker, joined the David Lee Roth Band (following Steve Vai and Edward Van Halen) as his newest rock virtuoso guitarist at age 19. One week later Jason was diagnosed with ALS, (Lou Gehrig's disease) a neuromuscular, paralyzing, terminal disease. He completed one gold record with Roth and quit the band as his paralysis increased. He has five albums to his credit and is world famous for his innovative pyrotechnics in his band "Cacophony" (with Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman) and his deep emotional solo work.

When Jason told me of his disease I promised him I would never let him go through this alone or in an institution. I resigned from my job and put my art career in storage to be Jason's full-time caregiver. I assist him in all his medical and musical needs and projects, including his album, "Perspective", which he composed, recorded and released while battling ALS. Warner Brothers will release a new version of this album with a guest recording of Jason's music by Edward Van Halen.

Though Jason is on life support systems, he is planning future music projects with a computer he operates with his eyes. Although I have spent the past nine years living day-to-day, going from heartache to witnessing miracles, I have never stopped drawing/painting. My art has helped to keep me stable and centered and focused on what is really important in life. My art can be seen on Jason's album cover and in his sample video, a 10-minute excerpt of his music played by the Oakland Symphony and danced to by the Diablo Ballet Company."

 Art center Gallery has the Gallery Exclusive with Jason and Gary Becker Art for Team Becker in Gallery . As you can see from the video above Jason and His Dad and the whole Family have been supporting Jason's Long standing battle with ALS.  Along with an army of Guitar players and over 260k fans on facebook. Jason Continues to create , and Gary Becker does the same with his Art and his Poems. Please look at the Art carefully and consider supporting Gary and Jason. Art Center Gallery is the First Gallery to carry Gary's and Jason's works. We exclusively carry all the Canvas Giclee's which are signed and number of the 99 only. This is the SN Edition. They are signed by Jason ( Thumb Print ) and Gary signs his name and Jason's ( under the thumb print). We also have the paper giclee that are all open edition and signed by Gary and Jason. Please if you have a question we are also handling original pieces of Gary's and new pieces as they become available. Gary has a limited time to paint do to the care of Jason and his needs to compose and create which Gary does side by side with Jason..You may wish to watch the movie to get a better feel for the situation. And why Art Center Gallery is so enthusiastic about this Aritist , his son. If you have a question please feel free to call us .

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