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Gabe Leonard

"The Big Lebowski"

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

"The Big Lebowski"
Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

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Walter - "Calmer than you are dude"

Donnie - "I am the Walrus?"

The Dude - "She Kidnapped Herself"

An homage to The Big Lebowski, the iconic cult film by the Cohen Brothers, this 3 portrait series captures the spirit of the three main leads. I've always seen them as three versions of myself, but as any fan of the film knows, it's really the rug that ties the room together." - Gabe Leonard

The Cinematic Artist. Gabe Leonard's paintings take you into a world rich with inimitable atmosphere and narrative intrigue. What tales lie behind these interesting characters? And where will their stories take them?

Leonard spent his early years in the mountain state of Wyoming, sketching wildlife and selling them to his school friends for a dollar. After graduating from Columbus College, Ohio with a BA in Fine Art, he moved to Los Angeles where he...

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