Marcenivo Film Short : Conceptual of Fabio Napoleoni works

Here is Concept Film of Fabio Napoleoni Art work. It puts his Art in  to the realm of motion along with the wonderful emotions Fabio's Art Creates. It is a funny , it is heart warming, it makes you smile. Fabio has been working with and animator , to bring to life his characters. It is all about the story. Do you like it ? If so what do you think would be an awesome story line ?  I did a list of the Fabio's Characters on an earlier post. If you not familiar with Fabio's work  or would like to browse our inventory of limited editions and originals at .Art Center Gallery has the largest inventory of any Fabio Napoleoni Art Gallery. We carry rare and hard to find pieces as well as one of a kind originals. Please enjoy this lovely short film... Thank you for watching.  Here is Fabio Napoleoni's story.