Collection: Ben Olson Art

Ben Olson, a contemporary artist based in Central Florida, breathes life into his colorful and expressive works, paying homage to a diverse array of characters from sports, film, and animation. His unique style is a vibrant celebration of his passion for cinema, comics, and iconic figures.

Since childhood, Olson's imagination has been fueled by boundless creativity. His artistic journey began with the guidance of mentors and flourished at the esteemed Ringling School of Art & Design. There, he honed his skills and embarked on a career that saw him crafting advertising campaigns for prominent brands like Verizon, Mattel, and Simon Malls.

An avid admirer of the legendary animator Chuck Jones, Olson finds inspiration in the whimsical world of animation, which has become a cornerstone of his artistic expression. Versatility defines Olson's artistic approach, as he explores various mediums to bring his visions to life. Drawing influence from masters like Picasso, he infuses his creations with a modern sensibility and a harmonious color palette.

Emerging as a rising star in the animated art scene, Olson's talent has garnered international acclaim, with his work captivating audiences across Asia and Europe.