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I cannot even begin to describe my experience here! I called not knowing what SN,AP,PP, framed, stretched, paper, canvas, metal or ANYTHING WAS. I saw a painting that I connected with. I searched the artists name. This gallery popped up as a location to have this artists pieces! I was excited to call but I did not know what to say. I remember a guy answering the phone and my first words were, "I have no clue about paintings, I'm by far not Artsy and you are talking to a virgin!" I knew he was focused on this call. I had to express that I am not politically correct and he assured me it was okay. I asked him to explain what art is from A-Z. His name is Dave. He did not know what he was in for. I called non stop and then I finally bought one, my first, my ticket into an art owner! THEN he tells me that this particular artist was coming to their gallery in a couple months. I lost it! He told me the details on Fabio Napoleoni. I was hooked. Then I encountered this other guy, full of spunk and he was the man behind the curtain. I called and had Todd on the phone and I then ended up with another piece.  These two are very welcoming and very helpful! It's sad to say that they know everything about my finances. They know me so well and know I go in spurts (like a relationship) but when I'm not in contact Dave will reach out to say hello and touch base.  Highly recommend this gallery and highly recommend Fabio Napoleoni Art! I am Michelle Arzaga and I endorse this message!

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Thanks Michelle !!!! Act Center Gallery.
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