Fabio Napoleoni New Release "Keeping to Myself " at Art center Gallery

                                                                                                                                                            This is a very exciting offering the editions are very low in number and offer fans of the Fabio Napoleoni a great value to something extra special. Fabio makes low edition numbers so that they do not saturate the market. Also if you love the work you know the numbers are low and that it will likely become a nice invest possible do to low runs. My dad used to say to me collect what you love and if your choice is correct it generally will go up in valve. And he also said if it did not go up in value you enjoyed the piece cause you bought to enjoy and give you something that gives you inspiration when a rainy day shows up now and then. Fabio really has a way of being funny and enchanting with heart.

                                                              The Artists Signed and numbered (SN) paper Itty bitty( 8.5" by 14" of this edition is only 50 pieces total at a nice value of only 137.50 . Then the SN Edition of the Canvas Giclee is only 28 pieces  18" by 36 " offered at 750.  And of course the artist proof edition at 950  18" by 36" and the run is only 14 pieces total. We offer free shipping plus if you order prior to the feb 12 2016 show  we will have Fabio peronalize the new piece for you !!!

Thank you and here is special video to watch.