Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard visit Art Center Gallery

Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard visit Art Center Gallery together! 

On Saturday December 15, 2018 Art Center Gallery had the privilege of hosting both Chet Zar and Gabe Leonard together at a unique Art Show.  

Chet is known for his dark art and stranger things including monsters, special effects, digital animation, and dark imagery. His work includes unique paintings, sculptures and more. The original characters Chet creates seem like creatures from another dimension. Much of his creative work evokes feelings of fear, loneliness, insecurity, and vulnerability. 

Gabe Leonard, the Cinematic Artist from Los Angeles, is known for creating rich modes of expressive art. He is a seasoned figurative painter creating images full of narrative possibilities. His trademark paint runs and drips in his work allow artistic expression and break free from the traditional norm. You can find heroes in his collection such as Rembrandt, Alphonse, Mucha, Gustav Kilmt and Egon Schiele.