Michael Godard Vodka and Gin

Have you tried Michael Godard’s premium Gin and Vodka?

Yes, now you can even find his world famous artwork in liquor stores!

Stepping out with that special olive for a night of magic and adventure demands the most refined appearance and taste. Whatever the backdrop, from the Dutch countryside to big city nightlife, nothing says "cool" like the pure, smooth flavor of Michael Godard Vodka. Michael Godard, "Rock Star of the Art World," is one of the top selling artists on Earth. His art is collected by people from all walks of life - and of all ages - including movie stars, rock stars, politicians, and professional athletes. Michael Godard Vodka uses the finest wheat from pristine Dutch countryside. It is distilled five times, resulting in a remarkably smooth, mild flavor. After cooling, this premium vodka relaxes for several weeks as the subtle flavors mature, only when it is poured into this beautiful black bottle decorated with Godard's unique art.

Have you seen The Theory of Mixology which includes Einstein and a simple dirty martini?

"Few people are aware that it was a simple Dirty Martini that inspired Einstein to create the Theory of Mixology. It was on that evening that he proposed what bartenders call the greatest moment in the history of alcohol! Providing that space-time could be slowed when the human body absorbs a quality Vodka (along with other ingredients that boggle the mind). This painting is a collaboration by myself and Stickman as we celebrate that epic moment in history!" ~ Michael Godard

You can find all of Michael Godard’s playful spirits on canvas, metal, and many other mediums right here locally at Art Center Gallery in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. Browse the complete collection of limited editions, originals, and many other works of art on our website www.shopartcenter.com



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