About Michael Godard the Artist.

Michael Godard was born in Southern California. Growing up, he developed many talents. He was outstanding in math, music, and art. This was extraordinary because his family moved a lot. He attended sixteen different schools. He was also known to have a very good sense of humor. Godard took up fine arts at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, and then attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He dedicated himself to pursuing a career as a painter later in life. He also became a mechanical engineer, commercial illustrator, caricature artist, and entrepreneur. www.shopartcenter.com


Godard’s success as an artist did not come easy. He had to invent his own style. During the period his daughter Paige was in a coma, he spent a lot of time in the hospital. He was feeling down and wanted to do something to cheer himself up. Thus, he was inspired to create a series of paintings in which his subjects were olives. Godard brought the olives to life in his paintings and placed them in humorous and interesting scenarios. He painted them using bright colors over a black background. Some of the paintings that play on this theme are Three Amigos, Olive Party, and Seven Deadly Zins. These three paintings caught the attention of the public and were the reason he began to become famous. Because of Godard’s success, he has been featured in “Inked,” “A&E’s Criss Angel’s Mind Freak,” “HBO’s Cat House,” “American Casino,” and many other television shows. He is regarded as the “rock star of the art world” and is currently the best selling artist of the United States. His works can be seen in galleries, hotels, television shows, movies, magazines, stores, restaurants, and the Internet. His paintings are also displayed in the officers’ lounge of the Pentagon. Godard’s art offers a lighter take on life. It presents enjoyment and how to have a good time through his presentations of martinis, animated olives, drunken grapes, dancing strawberries, and gambling. His paintings, such as Bat Outta Hell, are very dramatic and have a comically sinister element. He presents vices and makes them look like virtues, and because of that, rock stars and celebrities love his work.