Fabio Napoleoni has a New Character on the block called Darwin (aka Big Foot)

            " Nearly 8 years ago I created the Yeti under a pen name. For years I worked on developing him into the version you see today.  The yeti has appeared on only a small handful of canvas and paper originals over the last 3 years.  This will be his debut as a limited edition print.  I introduce you to, Darwin". - Fabio Napoleoni 


            Well here is the first sighting and clear vivid pictures of the illusive animal known as various names. Yeti, Sasqactch, Big foot to name but a few of the various names around the world.  

        Fabio  has taken this folk lure animal and has named it after Charles Darwin , which of course is perfect because of the theory of evolution. And makes this lovable version of Fabio's Imagination, a Yeti with heart.  And this Yeti has only one mission in the creators life.

       Fabio's mission thru his work is to  give love , compassion and kindness to all thru his art with heart. With his expression and creation of his various characters. 

       All here at Art Center Gallery are always excited  with new characters and various other endeavors of Fabio's created characters. You can order this piece just by clicking here on Art Center Gallery.


Thank you Art Center Gallery.


Here is a video , Enjoy ! Art Center Gallery the largest inventory in the world of Fabio's work.