FREE PINS this Friday at Art Center Gallery & Meet Fabio Napoleoni artist in person at the biggest art show this year Feb. 8, 2019

THIS FRIDAY Beginning at 1pm - come in and get your number to meet Fabio Napoleoni AND get your FREE pin with new purchases this Friday (while supplies last).  

Collect ALL the pins! Have you met all the characters? How many pins do you have in your collection? Get ready to meet Fabio Napoleoni and all of his unique original characters at Art Center Gallery February 8, 2019 in the Westminster Mall, Orange County, CA. Please join us 5-9pm to meet Fabio in person and have your new 2019 artwork hand signed and dedicated. 

Be sure to check out all of the fantastic art work including each of these characters: Marcenivo, Jimmy, Dork, Lucky, Stretch, Blu, Marissa, Peter, Telly, Vic, ToxicLove, LeeOh, TheKid, Marlon, MrBunnyBoozehound, and Remy. 

This special appearance is something you don’t want to miss. Unique new works of art will be on display now through February so be sure to come by and see what’s in store in time for Valentine’s Day!