Bone Daddy Art

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Bone Daddy Art

Bone Daddy artwork explores the fascinating world of body art. Art Center Gallery is proud to introduce the colorful imagery of Bone Daddy to our collectors.

Traditionally, body art has served to attract the opposite sex, boost self-esteem, ward off or invoke spirits, indicate social position or marital status, and mark a rite of passage, such as puberty or marriage. It has enjoyed periods of popularity and periods of absolute denunciation.

“No one shall be tattooed and this practice should be completely abolished. This is an old and bad habit. Men or women who get tattooed will be judged and punished...”

The explicit censure of these words from 1823 still lingers in many cultures today, even as tattoo art enjoys a new popularity among the young and adventurous.

Bone Daddy artwork celebrates the outlaw appeal of skin illustrations. He works in acrylics, sometimes using an airbrush for soft effects, and strives for fresh compositions that reflect his outsider attitude.

And the name? Well, it seems that the young artist grew up on a ranch and was known to bring back weathered bones from his wanderings and assemble them into bizarre sculptures on his front porch. Artists....they see art everywhere, lucky for us!