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Godard’s popularity as an artist did not come simply. He had to come up with his own style.  During the time his daughter Paige was in a coma, he lived in the hospital. He was emotionally  down and wanted to do something to perk himself up. Thus, he was drawn to create a series of paintings in which his theme was olives. Godard brought the olives alive in his paintings and put them in humorous , and often simply interesting scenes. He painted olives using bright colors over a dark background. Some of  paintings that play on this theme are Three Amigos, Olive Party, and Seven Deadly Zins. These three paintings caught the notice of the public and were the reason for his beginnings of fame and acclaim. Because of Godard’s successes , he has been featured in “Inked,” “A&E’s Criss Angel’s Mind Freak,” “HBO’s Cat House,” “American Casino,” and many other presentation shows and visual broadcasts. He is thought of as the “rock star of the art world” and is the best selling artist of the United States. His pieces can be seen in a vast network of galleries, fancy hotels, a myriad of television shows, a host of movies, various magazines, retail outlet Stores,  many restaurants, and the around Internet. His paintings are on display in the officers’ room at the Pentagon. Godard’s art appeals to a lighter take on life and love. It offers enjoyment and how to have a great time through his presentations of martinis, various animated olives, many drunken grapes, fabulous dancing strawberries, and of course gambling. His pieces, such as Bat Outta Hell, are very dynamic  and have a comical sense and a tiny bit of sinister element. He shows vices in a way makes them look like a twist on virtues, and because of that, many rock stars and a lot of celebrities enjoy his work from all around the world. And hang it in there homes and offices and businesses.