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Trevor Mezak

Disney "Bitter, Sweet and Strange"

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

Disney "Bitter, Sweet and Strange"
Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

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Gallery Quality Presentation

Each Silver Series edition is crafted using archival inks and canvas, and is then hand-stretched and mounted in a custom designed frame created to accentuate each, individual piece of art.

Limited and Certified Disney Fine Art

Every Silver Series piece is a limited edition of 500, and is sent to you complete with a Disney Certificate of Authenticity mounted on the back of each frame.  

A Name You Can Trust

A beautiful etched plaque is hand mounted on each frame, to signify that the utmost attention to quality, craftsmanship and detail has been paid to your Fine Art.

“Bitter, Sweet and Strange”

Trevor Mezak has used his incredible, iconic style to create this iconic portrait of the Beast. Featuring choppy dark colour but with the vivid red of the rose, all the elements of this painting come together to create a stunning work of art that is one of the most beautiful interpretations of the Beast of all time.

Edition Size: 500
Format: Framed Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Trevor Mezak
Size: 25.75″ x 21.75″ (inches) framed

Defined by and recognized for his elaborate use of texture in his signature impressionistic style, Trevor Mezak is an artist who is driven to create every day. "I feel the day is missing something if I don't," says the artist.

Fascinated with the world around him; he has a passion for painting figurative subjects but has also held a long time fascination with the design elements of playing cards, especially face cards.

Born in Southern California, Mezak has been painting since his teens. His self-taught style has evolved through his vast experience with mediums and technique. Oils, because of their vivid color and texture, have proved to be his medium of choice.

While he notes William DeBilzan and Aldo Luongo as artist who inspire him, Mezak draws much of his inspiration from his experiences in the world and the mood they establish. "Before painting, I have to go surfing. It puts me in a good place. When you're in a good mood, it shows in your art. My studio is filled with loud music, the smell of coffee, my black lab at my side, and the occasional kid running through.

Trevor Mezak has placed in several exhibitions, both locally and nationally. His pieces can be found in many private collections, noting Michael Brown of the Chicago Bears and actor Paul Walker, among them.

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