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Fabio Napoleoni

"A Beautiful Thought"

Limited Edition Paper Giclee

"A Beautiful Thought"
Limited Edition Paper Giclee

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Various Edition SN or AP

An incredible piece with Darwin (Bigfoot) wondering and walking towards the light within our heart. Fabio has this to say about the work of art: When life is at it’s darkest, it only takes a single positive thought to bring to light what’s been hiding in the shadows. The AP’s of this piece will receive heart embellishments on the front and a simple doodle on the back.

About the artist Fabio Napoleoni

Many events influenced Fabio's artwork but none more than the traumatic events that followed the birth of his second child. His daughter, born with major heart abnormalities, had to face several surgeries to correct issues that could prevent her from having a future. Overwhelmed with his daughters issues and surrounded by an emotional sea of sorrow from other parents in the same situation, Fabio grew. While his wife and daughter slept, Fabio wandered the halls of the children's care unit looking for a spot where he could sketch out his personal thoughts. From these thoughts a new form of creativity was born. The doors to Fabio Napoleoni's heart were opened for the world to experience.

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