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Fabio Napoleoni

"Mr. Fancy Pants" Aka Danny Ocean

Limited Edition Paper Giclee

"Mr. Fancy Pants" Aka Danny Ocean
Limited Edition Paper Giclee

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This is "Mr. Fancy Pants." He is a character I created nearly nine years ago under a pen name during the period after 2008, as I embarked in to the art business. I worked on a developing new characters but since I was under a publishing contract and could not use my name as it would cause these new characters to be jailed under that Danny Ocean / Artzy Fartzy art was born!

Now as a self published artist, I'm free to explore and revisit some of these great characters. And here is where it gets a little wacky....I've decided to recreate these characters but maintain the original name they were created under.
With all that being said, Art Center Gallery, will be the first to have limited edition prints and originals for sale during the art show on July 22.

Each piece will have a Danny Ocean thumb print and number in the edition which will also serve as a Certificate of Authenticity. Each thumb print will be unique and actually from my thumb. - Fabio

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