"The Way I Feel When I'm With You"

Fabio Napoleoni

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Fabio Napoleoni says "This piece is quite simply an homage to the film Dirty Dancing. There are many memorable moments in the movie, one of them being the famous “lift” scene. This scene features Johnny teaching baby how the lift is performed. This particular scene is the moment Johnny falls for baby. The original was debuted at a show where I used popular movies for inspiration. The AP’s will come with Gel Embellishments on the front, and a simple doodle on the back. "

What the heart wants and the heart needs can be found in a Fabio Napoleoni painting. Nostalgia, sorrow and moments that lift the soul are all there for the world to see and experience along with him. The vivid colors and captivating characters invite you into an emotional ride that is welcomed by the mind and the heart. Simple landscapes set the stage to the value of emotional attachment that can be compared to no other. Influences from some of this century's greatest artists are hard to find in his pieces, but are drenched deep in the fabric of what puts a Napoleoni painting together. 

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