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Michael Godard

"Prepare the Perfect Pour"

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

"Prepare the Perfect Pour"
Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

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"The inspiration for this piece came while I was on a plane that was landing, and a guy with a big head sitting in first class was bragging about something. I thought about who has the biggest head, and it made me think of a champagne cork. This is all about a plane landing." ~ Michael Godard

This is a gallery wrapped canvas that is ready to hang.

  • Artist's Proof features a 1 Color Paint Embellishment  (sold out)
  • Gallery Proof features a 5 Color Paint Embellishment  (sold out)

Michael Godard is known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World” and global top selling artist!

His world of art invites us to see his lighthearted perspective, surrounding us with animated olives, grapes, and dancing strawberries. His unique portrayal of fun is an exciting combination of imagination and subtle humor, evoking the creative side in “Olive” us. He has redefined art as we know it and, of course, given it a punch line.

His paintings are thought provoking and full of enigmatic illusion. They show pain, love, conflict, and success, making people smile, laugh, reminisce, and exclaim, “Oh My God..ard!”

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