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Todd White

"Passing Notes at a Bar"

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

"Passing Notes at a Bar"
Limited Edition Canvas Giclee

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Size and Edition

“By revealing my subject’s innermost feelings, I create timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy.” – Todd White

  • 18" x 48"
  • Mounted Giclee on Canvas
  • Limited Edition of 195
  • Limited Edition Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist
  • Frame styles may vary. Your order will be showcased with a tailor-made frame design, guaranteeing your satisfaction prior to shipment.

Meet Todd White, an internationally renowned artist known for his distinctive style and down-to-earth personality. Starting from humble roots, he honed his artistic talent while working in the animation industry and eventually developed his unique method of conceptualizing and portraying each piece. His captivating paintings, often centered around expressive hands, delve into the emotions and intimate connections between his subjects and viewers. Todd's remarkable perspective on everyday life and human interactions has garnered him prestigious honors, collaborations, and widespread acclaim, making him one of the world's most collectible and successful living artists. Continue reading about Todd White...

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