Fabio Napoleoni

"A Tale for Dreamers"

Limited Edition Paper Giclee

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"A Tale for Dreamers - What kids favorite time at school wasn’t story time? When you are a child you truly believe you can be anything so you want to grow up and become the characters you hear about in stories. Limitations didn’t exist so you could be a super hero, a fireman or anything you dreamed you could be. Then we all grow up and reality sets in. This piece captures that innocence and imagination. On the AP Marcenivos pocket has been opened and hearts are spilling out and additional hearts have been added." - Fabio

What the heart wants and the heart needs can be found in a Fabio Napoleoni painting. Nostalgia, sorrow and moments that lift the soul are all there for the world to see and experience along with him. The vivid colors and captivating characters invite you into an emotional ride that is welcomed by the mind and the heart. Simple landscapes set the stage to the value of emotional attachment that can be compared to no other. Influences from some of this century's greatest artists are hard to find in his pieces, but are drenched deep in the fabric of what puts a Napoleoni painting together. 

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