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Fabio Napoleoni

"The Retrospective" Soft Cover


"The Retrospective" Soft Cover

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 "F. Napoleoni - The Retrospective - Volume 1" - Soft Cover 

This very personal volume includes early sketch book material, showcasing the development of Fabio's style and his early drawings of Marcenivo. Full color reproductions of rare archive paintings, up to and including all of Fabio's best known characters, will be treasured by all who know him and those who will come to know him through this long overdue career perspective.

This beautiful soft color book features work from his early years up to and including many of his most recent works. This volume includes rare, never before shared drawings pulled from early sketchbooks and showcases some of the first canvases Fabio ever painted. Discover the evolution of Fabio's most famous character, Marcenivo, from rough sketch pencil drawings to the icon he has become today. Each work has been carefully selected and faithfully reproduced to allow you to experience Fabio's growth as an artist. 


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